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Simon King
Simon King B.App.Sc.(Chiro)

Practitioner, Writer and Speaker.‚Äč

Simon King has been a healthcare professional for over 35 years.

He grew up in Auckland, NZ and had his first chiropractic treatment after falling off a chair at the age of 6. That early treatment seemed to end his prior need for weekly blood tests that were searching for the origin of a “leukaemic like” condition and ironically, low muscle tone.

In his teens he took up bike racing and represented NZ at the age of 17, competing in road and track events in New Zealand and Australia, including the Empire Games in 1980.

He started his chiropractic studies at the RMIT (then PIT) in Melbourne, being part of the first-ever government-funded chiropractic course. After 5 years of full-time study he practiced for 2 years on the Gold Coast in Australia before taking up a teaching post at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England, and then moved back into practice in Retford, Nottinghamshire and Grantham, Lincolnshire.

As his practice developed, he became fascinated by the fact that certain patients responded to treatment easily while others did not and the difference could not be explained by current knowledge.

Simon studied and became proficient in Applied Kinesiology, a system of diagnosis based on manual muscle testing and became a diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology in 1996. The theories about how the neurological phenomenon of Afferent Input and Proprioception grew out of his desire to understand the facilitation and inhibition that are fundamental to Applied Kinesiology.

He has been teaching Afferentology and Proprioceptive Medicine to health professionals for 20 years and is currently practicing in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

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The Problem with Piercings

Christine Lovell

Office Manager in Berkhamsted

“My right hip had started to cause me a great deal of pain. While I was still mobile, I was constantly aware of this aching that never left me, and it felt like it was gradually getting worse. The first chiropractor I went to see told me that it was the onset of arthritis which instantly horrified me. I was scared that I was going to eventually need a hip replacement.
I went to see Simon at Naturality for a second opinion and when he said the pain was linked to my neck… to my earrings, I was amazed. I had been wearing pierced earrings since my early teens. Simon explained how metal can react with sensitive nerve endings. I took my earrings out at that first session with Simon and the pain just went and it didn’t return. I left all my jewellery off for a while, but have gradually phased in lighter pieces which my body seems able to tolerate. The story sounds weird but it worked, and they say the proof of the pudding is in the tasting!”

Jackie Gilbert is a Pilates
Instructor form Elstreee

“As an exercise professional, keeping myself active and in shape are crucial to my work. Two and a half years ago I was suddenly plagued with acute shoulder pain that limited my arm movement and caused a constant deep ache across my upper mid back. Simon instantly diagnosed this as coming from a root filling and crown that had been done some time ago, but my slight scepticism and cautiousness about the cost involved in replacing this caused me to delay taking his advice.
Over the next year the pain persisted making it difficult for me to work a full day and needing to rest and recover in between sessions. It was the exhaustion and weakness in ndertaking any physical exertion that was so apparent. Trips to the supermarket, gardening and even hanging up washing become a huge effort. As a single parent and self employed I was very dependent on my energy and physical fitness. I was on the verge of thinking I may have to change my career and lifestyle.
Almost a year after my first consultation with Simon, on a two week dancing holiday my body virtually collapsed from the build-up of weakness in my muscles. I was ready to spend anything and try whatever might be necessary. Within hours of having the root filling cleaned out my body started to respond and it was as if a knife had been pulled out of my back. The improvement was gradual, but 18 months down the line I am now back to full fitness having recently returned from a 200km trek in the Himalayas.”

Steven Peet is a head of business development for an engineering firm. He lives in Croydon.

“As an ex-rugby player, I had always put the pain in my lower back down to my sporting history. I had been for lots of treatments over the years, but nothing had resolved the issue. I never for one moment drew a correlation between me having two crowns fitted approximately ten to fifteen years ago the same time as the aches and had started. Yet, after conducting extensive muscle testing, that’s what Simon thought was causing the problems. 
Simon explained how proprioception works, I was willing to concede that it was possible the crowns were to blame and that metals could have a negative impact on the body. So I went for it and found a dentist who was willing to remove my two amalgam crowns. To my surprise and relief the pain was removed instantly! Now I am nearly as energetic as I was back in my rugby playing years and have embraced yoga as a means of keeping my body supple.

Karen Robinson is a 38 year-old housewife from Stockport in Cheshire.

“13 years ago, I had a car accident where I apparently suffered whiplash. As a result, I suffered acute back problems, culminating in me slipping two discs when I fell down the stairs. I spent thousands of pounds on reflexology, Chinese homeopathy… I just wanted to find something that worked! My local chiropractor thought it might be linked to my crown (the same year as my accident, I’d had a metal crown put in) and put me in touch with Simon.
I can remember my husband saying at the time what have you been told now! So we both went and visited Simon in Berkhamsted, and Simon asked me to do the dumbbell test, where he asked me to lift a dumbbell with my left and then my right hand. My right hand just wouldn’t move until he told me to cover my crown, and then yes, I could move it! On Simon’s advice, I had the crown removed and replaced with a non-metal version. I can honestly say that my back has improved ten-fold, instantly my strength came back… I’m no longer on tablets every day and I’m not crying every day.

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