Be Your Own Doctor

Be Your Own Doctor

Your body heals itself, at least it’s designed to.

If you get sick or injured, is it the design that’s faulty or our understanding of the design?

If your body isn’t working right and isn’t healing itself, what should you do?

The first step is to DO NO HARM. The Hippocratic Oath should be followed by all doctors but as the guardian of your future, you must insist that everyone, including yourself, follows it.

Harmful things you could do might include:
  1. Resting when you should be exercising.
  2. Exercising when you should be resting.
  3. Take painkillers or anti-inflamatories – these just hide your pain and do nothing to solve the problem.

Pain is your feed-back mechanism – an guage of your body’s current state of repair. How are you going to get yourself better if you try to hide your most valuable measurement? It would be like trying to fly a plane without instruments.

Next, don’t waste your money on:

Tests that won’t help you get better – X-Rays, MRI scans, blood tests all take “pictures” of your current state. Most of the time (except in very rare cases) they are a complete waste of time and money. Think about them as a photograph taken of a car accident. You can see all the damage,  but nothing in the photo tells you whether someone fell asleep, or there was oil on the road, or the bend was too tight.

Treatments that have temporary effects.

Ask yourself how the treatment you are considering could still have any effect a week from now.

Is it Inflammatory or Mechanical?

Inflammatory pain tends to come on spontaneously and tends to affect more than one joint or area at a time.
Mechanical pain tends to be associated with an event, traumatic or trivial, but you know when it started and what you did to “cause it” (be careful, what you did probably isn’t the cause).

Is your progress “normal?

If you have sprained a joint, like an ankle, you can probably expect a couple of weeks of pain. If you’ve broken a bone, it might take 6-12 weeks to heal. What is not normal is if this is the second or 3rd time you have suffered this problem or if you haven’t recovered in the expected time.
Most mechanical injuries swell for up to 3 days and then should start feeling easier, so rest for 72 hours and seek help if it is not getting better after then.

Find the Cause

Inflammatory pain tends to be diet related. You need to stop having inflammatory foods and give your body as many fresh, raw, natural foods as possible. Try avoiding dairy, wheat, tea, coffee, nightshades – in that order for just a few days and see if detoxing makes you feel better.
Mechanical pain is caused by muscle reflex weakness. This cannot be treated with exercise. If it could be treated with exercise, Dean Macey (Olympic Decathlete) would not have suffered a back problem that kept him out of the Olympics and Michael Owen would not have recurrent injuries. Reflex Dysfunction is caused by interference to sensory input.

Live Without Pain  has great tips to help you get stronger and healthier quickly without drugs or surgery.

Disclaimer: – always consult a qualified health practitioner before embarking on any treatment or diagnosis. None of the opinions here are meant to take the place of qualified diagnosis and treatment and no liability is accepted for any loss resulting directly or indirectly from the opinions given.